SN #01

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UNDERCOVER will release its first magazine (ZINE) entitled ‘SN'.

Created by UNDERCOVER PRODUCTION with planning and production
by members Jun Takahashi, designer of UNDERCOVER,
Tetsuya Nagato, art director, and photographers
Taro Mizutani and Tatsuhide Morimoto.

Since its inception in 2018, the production team
has worked not only on UNDERCOVER projects,
but also advertising visuals for domestic and
international brands and music videos.

The name ‘SN’, is an abbreviation of 'Spiritual Noise',
and this first issue’s theme is 'Fictional Movie'.
An additional 16 others have also participated, including International artists
such as Thom Yorke, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers),
Will Sweeney, Frank Lebon and many more.
Japanese talent includes Hiroyuki Ohashi, Company Matsuo,
Mahito the People, amongst others.
The unique worldview of the collaborators is expressed through various methods;
illustration, photography, collage, painting, manga, text, etc.
A limited number of only 500 copies will be released.

An `SN` print T-shirt will also be released alongside the ZINE,
as well as a limited ZINE / T-shirt / tote bag bundle.

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