Patti Smith the doors of light
Photographs by Yoshie Tominaga

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“Patti Smith_the doors of light” is a collection of photos of poet and musician Patti Smith taken by Yoshie Tominaga over the years.

Musician and poet Patti Smith was one of the leaders of the punk scene in New York City. In 1970 she was the fronted the Patti Smith Group and became affectionately known as the Godmother of punk around the world.

Yoshie Tominaga serves as Patti Smith’s official photographer and this book serves as a collection of her memories and the photographs of them taken between the years of 2001 – 2016. With no end to the current pandemic in sight, the words and images of Patti Smith continue to give individuals from all generations the strength to carry on.

With images of the historical concert at Fuji Rock, in the recording studio, private photos from her visits to Japan, and images from home, the true passion of the real Patti Smith and the photographer who followed her can be found.

The cover graphic features a peace-mark designed by Patti Smith, herself. This same design is included on a tote-bag, sold as a set with the book. We have also included this design on t-shirts, bandanas, accessories, and a special t-shirt featuring a portrait of Patti Smith. All items slated to be sold at the same time.

“This is a record of a female American poet taken over 15 years who, in defiance of a famous title, as one woman, bravely facing all with courage, fulling cherishing the spiritual connection in everything. I hope that the strength of Patti's message and her strength to survive will provide hope and support. That is why I chose to release this during these difficult times.” - Yoshie Tominaga

Title: “Patti Smith_the doors of light
Size: A4, 224 Pages

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